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About the Breaking
Workplace Silence Project

The Breaking Workplace Silence project is delivered by the Restigouche Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC), in partnership with the Maison Notre-Dame House women’s shelter, the Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Restigouche Community Inclusion Network, and the Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre, as well as many other private sector and non-profit sector partners. The project is funded in part by Women and Gender Equality Canada . A full list of the project partners can be found here.

The workplace can be a safe place for an employee who experiences domestic violence.

Why Does This Website Focus on Women?

This project was initiated to increase private sector leadership and investment in women experiencing violence, in particular domestic violence, with the broader objective of increasing women’s economic security — a critical piece in improving women’s overall well-being. Statistics show that women are significantly more often the victims of domestic violence, compared to men. The project’s main objective is to increase women’s access to sustainable employment by raising the awareness of employers regarding the issues and barriers that women face when trying to transition from situations of violence to stable economic security.

Research conducted as part of this project captured the voices of women who experienced violence in the Restigouche region and revealed numerous barriers they have faced in terms of employment (keeping a job or obtaining a new job). The Restigouche Employer Package is a result of this research and of close collaboration with a range of Restigouche employers and other partners with expertise in domestic violence and human resources management.

Different Terms for the Violence
That Women Experience

Women can experience different forms of violence, for which many different terms can be used. In these resources, we have chosen to use the term “domestic violence”. However, we have not intended to exclude other terms and descriptions of violence that a woman could experience in her personal life and which have potential to spill into the workplace, such as: family violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and interpersonal violence.

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