Restigouche Employer Package

This package provides key essential information, and references to other resources, for employers regarding the impacts of domestic violence on their workplaces, and what they can do to support an employee experiencing violence.

Be better prepared to recognize and respond to situations when domestic violence may impact your workplace.

Violence originating from the home that spills over into the work environment is a business issue. Learn how employers can make a big difference.


We gratefully acknowledge the materials developed by the New Brunswick Domestic Violence in the Workplace Committee.

Many of the resources and information contained in this document are from the work of this committee and their “It’s Your Business – A Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence Workplace Toolkit”, which can be accessed on their website at:

Disclaimer 1

The resources on this website are not intended to replace the advice and services of professionals such as counsellors,
lawyers, or healthcare providers. We have developed these resources based on current research and information about
domestic violence. Any reference to legislation (laws) should be considered general in nature and scope.

The resources on this website are offered to employers and others with the understanding that the authors, editors,
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